30 Nov 2018

Workshop Trust in Trade in a Data-driven Economy

As part of the Ius Commune conference, we organize the workshop ‘Trust in Trade in a Data-driven Economy’. The aim of the workshop is to identify trust-related concerns in a data-driven economy, by exploring different regulatory frameworks. We will build upon the insights gained during last year’s workshop on the broader topic of Trust in Trade. Questions of building, destroying and restoring trust in an economy that heavily relies on the use of (personal) data are omniscient and at the heart of societies’ concerns. Trade, investment, innovation, intellectual property, data protection and human rights law will be analyse as to how they impact the trade in and access to data.

Important questions relevant for the data-driven economy from the perspective of trust include:
- Regulation of block chain technology
- Data ownership in the context of the trade secret directive
- The text and data mining exception
- Data as a commodity
- The role of data in value chains
- The distribution of data and the influence of standard-setting

Please click here for the printable flyer.

Junior and senior researchers are invited to submit an abstract of a paper related to the above mentioned theme. Abstracts (one page) should be sent to Anke Moerland (anke.moerland[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl) no later than September 15, 2018, including:

- Title of presentation
- Link with trust in trade in a data-driven economy
- Research question (of PhD research)
- Methodology (of PhD research)

Shortly after that, the authors will be informed whether their papers are selected for a presentation during the workshops.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Anke Moerland.