08 Jun

Valedictory lecture Prof. dr. Fred R.A. Zijlstra

Professor in Occupational and Organizational Psychology


"Met het oog op de toekomst…..! De waarde van goed werk"

Having paid work is generally the key to participating in society. The relevance of work is not only determined by the fact that it helps to provide an income, but it also facilitates social contacts, and has consequences for people’s (mental) health. However, an important precondition is that work should be of good quality. But when do we consider work to be of good quality? Technological developments have a huge impact on people’s work, and their work experiences. One of the consequences is that technological developments have made work more complex and intense. What are the causes? This has implications for the cycle of work and rest in order to make work (or employment) sustainable.

Language: Dutch

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