13 Oct

Valedictory lecture Prof. dr. Edwin C.M. Mariman

Professor of "Functional Genetics" at the Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences

"De Stressvolle Strijd van Overgewicht"

At Maastricht University together for more than twenty years with the FunGen group of the Department of Human Biology I have performed fundamental research into the mechanisms behind human metabolic disorders. A facility was established for proteomics, the large-scale monitoring of proteins in cells and tissues. With that we participated to various (inter)national research programs within the discipline Nutrigenomics. Further, we significantly contributed to the understanding of weight regain after weight loss, the yoyo-effect. Gene-sequencing identified several relevant genetic factors. The theory was introduced stating that properties of the adipose tissue contribute to the risk of weight regain. With support from NWO, several pieces of evidence were produced. In addition, it was observed that an immune-based obesogenic memory is active in humans. Besides research, I contributed actively to the education and I represented Maastricht University in various committees such as the committee for NWO-TOP grants (Open Competition) and the EU committees Sex and Gender Innovations (Europe Horizon) and Life Sciences (LS4).

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