6 Feb 19:30
- 22:30
UM Star Lecture in Cologne

Tomorrow I will really start… my retirement planning

‘‘Tomorrow I will really start…’’ These five words are essentially the problem of retirement planning. People understand the importance, but delay taking care of it. Sounds familiar? Professor Lisa Brüggen's mission is to help governments and pension funds to improve their communication so that more people take care of their financial planning (at an earlier stage).

In this lecture, Professor Brüggen will take you on a journey into your (financial) future. She will share insights from research projects with governments and pension funds, and will provide the audience with valuable lessons for improving their future financial well-being (lecture in English).

About the speaker


Lisa Brüggen is professor of Financial Services at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, and principal investigator at the Brightlands Institute for Smart Society. In addition, she is member of the supervisory board of NIBUD, the National Institute for Family Finance Information, and involved in several networks, research projects and funds. Professor Brüggen is an internationally recognized and awarded expert in services marketing and financial well-being, particularly regarding pension communications. She gives lectures on these topics throughout the world. 

This lecture is part of traditional series of lectures for alumni: the UM Star Lectures. The other 13 lectures are organized in 13 different cities and 5 countries on the same day, at the same time. This event is organised to reach out to and inspire alumni, share academic insights, experiences and memories, and to create an interconnected UM Alumni Community.

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