28 Nov

On-site PhD conferral Jamie Drossaerts

Supervisors: Prof. dr. G.A. van Koeveringe, Prof. dr. Ph.E.V.A. Van Kerrebroeck

Co-supervisor: Dr. D.M.J. Vrijens

Keywords: sacral neuromodulation, overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, underactive bladder

"Sacral neuromodulation for urinary storage and voiding dysfunction: Predictive factors and treatment evaluation"

Sacral neuromodulation is recommended as a third line treatment option if conservative treatments either fail or lead to insurmountable adverse events in patients with overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome or non-obstructive urinary retention (NOR) since the 1990s. SNM electrically stimulates peripheral sacral nerve roots, which is thought to normalize neural communication between the bladder and brain. The most important goals in treating OAB and NOR, is to relieve patients from their bothersome symptoms. In the last 30 years sacral neuromodulation has evolved from a barely recognized experimental technique to an integral therapy for patients with LUTS. In this thesis, patients were evaluated in different research set-ups in order to gain better patient selection for treatment with sacral neuromodulation (SNM).

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