21 Apr
08:30 - 16:00

Scientific Knowledge in Environmental Litigation

Scientific knowledge in environmental litigation: National Solutions, EU Requirements and Current Challenges’ is a one-day international workshop for researchers and judges convened by Associate Professor Mariolina Eliantonio (CERiM) and Doctoral Candidate Tiina Paloniitty (University of Helsinki). The workshop is aligning with a broader CERiM conference ‘The Contestation of Expertise in the European Union: Between Evidence-Based Decision-making and Post-truth Politics?’ to take place in Maastricht on 20th April.

Environmental litigation is characterised by the fact that much of its content is based on complex scientific assessments made by the administrative authorities. Controversies are often born out of disagreements on a certain technical assessment made by the authorities, which, in turn result—in the view of applicants—in the violation of environmental law. This issue is closely linked to the depth of review which courts in environmental matters feel entitled or obliged to exercise. 

The workshop aims at exploring several national perspectives on the way in which judges access scientific knowledge in environmental matters, with the aim of answering the overarching questions as to whether, in the respective legal systems, the principle of effective judicial protections is guaranteed, and whether the current differences in the law and the practice of the various legal system might impair the uniform and effective enforcement of EU law.

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