25 Sep 27 Sep

The Right to Social Security: a new dawn!

The Conference "The Right to Social Security: a new dawn!" brings together the MoveS seminar on EU Fundamental Rights for cross-border workers, Prof. Vonk's inaugural lecture, and the annual EISS conference on Contemporary Challenges for the Fundamental Right of Social Security.

Modern welfare states face many challenges: the cost of living crisis exposes the inadequacy of existing levels of protection; large scale administrative scandals raise questions as to the ability of the system to fundamentally address the human dimension; and increased immigration  threatens the inclusiveness of social security systems.  Such pressures require a strong normative response. But is the existing corpus of social rights normatively solid enough and, if not, how should it be altered  to cope with  new societal challenges? This is the central question that will be debated in the Conference "The right to social security: a new dawn!", organized from 25 to 27 September, bringing together three initiatives: 

  • a MoveS seminar on EU social rights and freedom of movement and co-ordination of social security, 
  • an inaugural lecture by Prof. Vonk on "Welfare State Dystopia as a Challenge for the Right to Social Security" and
  • the annual EISS conference devoted to the theme of innovation of the human rights framework on social security. 

The registration deadline is 30 August 2024. 

You will find more detailed information and the programme of each event, by clicking on the event menu on the left side. 

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