34 Mar 2018

Rethinking Justice Hackathon

Making the world a better place is easier said than done. Ours is a shared world: citizens, businesses, states and institutions all face the same risks and challenges, and so there is a constant need for society to innovate – to find better ways of doing things. Ideally, this can be done in order to bring about more justice in the world.

The challenges

Hackaton rethinking justice - challenge - maastricht university

Data-driven justice

Using cutting-edge data science tech to maximize fairness, reduce criminality, and improve the delivery of justice.

Hackaton rethinking justice - challenge - ebay

E-commerce conflicts

Increasing the fairness of conflict resolution arising online between sellers and buyers on eBay.

Hackaton rethinking justice - challenge - Hiil

Social justice

Rethinking opportunities and privileges in society by addressing people’s most pressing justice needs.

Hackaton rethinking justice - challenge - DIFC

Courts of the future

Using technology in the courtrooms of the future, for justice that can serve the needs of future businesses.

Hackaton Rethinking Justice