24 Jun

PhD Defence Yingyi Wu

Supervisors: Prof. dr. H.H.C.M. Savelberg, Prof. dr. B. Op 't Eijnde, Prof. dr. R. de Groot

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pascal van Gerven

KeywordsPhysical Activity Behaviour, Schedules and Curricula in Tertiary Education, Interrupting Sitting, Cognitive Performance

"Sitting Smartly in Tertiary Education Exploring Strategies to Tackle Sedentary Behavior for Student’s Cognitive and Physical Well-being"

In tertiary education, students sit a lot. Sedentary behaviour is associated with health risks and many diseases, whereas physical activity is beneficial for cognitive and physical well-being. This thesis investigates how educational settings (i.e. academic schedule, education program) may be related to physical activity behaviour at university or in vocational education and training. Moreover, to tackle prolonged sitting, this thesis examined the effect of interrupting sitting with bouts of light-intensity physical activity on cognitive performance and mood in university students and the impact of various forms of active sitting on muscle activation and perceived comfort.

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