27 May

PhD Defence Ruud Willem Hendrik Wetzels

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jos Lemmink, Prof. Dr. Martin Wetzels

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dhruv Grewal

Keywords: Academic big data; review papers; knowledge generation/sharing; (novel) mixed-method configuration for literature reviews

"A New Point of (re)View: Broadening the Arsenal of Review Papers in Marketing"

In academic research, understanding existing knowledge about a given topic is the first step toward both creating and sharing new knowledge. Articles dedicated to evaluating existing published materials, so-called review papers, fulfil a critical role in this process by offering such understanding of existing knowledge. However, the sheer speed by which new academic articles arise – even further amplified by their diversity – undermines the use of currently available review paper types for knowledge generation. Knowledge sharing, on the other hand, could greatly benefit from presenting findings in review papers more accessibly. To this end, the present dissertation proposes a novel mixed-method review paper configuration resistant to scalability, diversity and accessibility issues. This configuration is applied across various research fields to validate its robustness, and on different levels to demonstrate its versatility. Collectively, this dissertation helps to make the arsenal of review paper types future-proof, and foster new knowledge creation and sharing.

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