22 Feb

PhD Defence Katinka E. Pani-Harreman

Supervisors: Prof. dr. S. Zwakhalen, Prof. dr. G.I.J.M. Kempen †

Co-supervisors: Dr. G.J.J.W. Bours, Dr. J.M.A. van Duren

Keywords: vital communities, ageing in place, Community Activation Compass

"The place to be: Guiding the activation of a community to facilitate ageing in place"

This dissertation provides insight into how communities can be activated to support older people ageing in place. In addition, this dissertation shows what the concepts of ageing in place and vital communities mean according to the scientific literature, and what relationship can be distinguished between these two concepts. Conducting research into this relationship is important, because it provides insight into whether vital communities have the potential to support older people ageing in place. Various studies with various research methods have been set up to investigate this. First, a systematic literature review in the form of a scoping review was performed on the concept of ageing in place. Second, a scoping review was performed on the concept of vital communities. Third, the hypothesised relationship between vital communities and ageing in place was evaluated by international experts on ageing in place and vital communities. Finally the Community Activation Compass was developed in a living lab as a tool for initiators to draw up and implement an activation plan.

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