16 May

PhD Defence Jordy Marinus Maria Kocken

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Paula A. da Costa Martins

Co-supervisor: Dr. Martina Calore

Keywords: Right ventricular hypertrophy, long non-coding RNA, microRNA, extracellular vesicles

"Molecular Directors: Non-Coding RNA and Extracellular Vesicles in Right Ventricle Remodeling"

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, and right ventricular failure is a major contributor. Despite this, the right ventricle has often been overlooked in research and treatment. However, over the past two decades, there has been increasing attention on the right ventricle due to the lack of available therapies. This dissertation focuses on studying a specific RNA molecule found in the diseased right ventricle. Surprisingly, when this RNA was targeted with medication in animal studies, the mice became even sicker. Further investigation revealed that the RNA interacts with a protein crucial for healthy blood vessel formation. Another aspect of the study involved developing a method to culture right ventricular tissue slices, which allowed for the examination of secreted vesicles and their contents. This technique provides a valuable tool for studying the right ventricle and potentially identifying new biomarkers or therapies. Overall, understanding the right ventricle during health and disease is crucial in reducing mortality and improving patient outcomes.

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