07 Mar

PhD Defence Johannes Paul Van Schayck

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Peter J. Peters, Prof. dr. Raimond B. G. Ravell †

Co-supervisor: Dr. Carmen López Iglesias

Keywords: Structural Biology, Electron Microscopy, Research Data Management

"On Electrons, Proteins and Data: How to Localise, Observe and Organise them"

This thesis addresses two topics within life sciences research. Firstly, it examines the application of the Timepix3 camera in electron microscopy for the observation of protein structures. It elucidates how the unique properties of this camera, coupled with artificial intelligence, were employed to pinpoint electrons impacting the detector. Through this localization, protein structures could be determined with a resolution of 3.0 Angstroms. This capability contributes to uncovering the fundamental functions of proteins and plays a role in the development of applications such as vaccines. Secondly, the thesis delves into the organization and management of research data in life sciences. It draws on insights gained during the development of DataHub Maastricht, emphasizing the significance of data stewards and domain-specific databases. The conclusion advocates for the integration of data stewardship into research organizations and the acknowledgment of researchers' contributions to data and software publication. This integrated approach aims to improve efficiency and inclusivity in scientific research.

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