16 May

PhD Defence Jeroen Klaas Jacobus Bossen

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Ide Heyligers

Co-supervisor: Dr. Jesse Jansen

Keywords: Shared Decision Making, Orthopedic Surgery

"Shared decision making in orthopedic surgery: Implementation of tools and training in clinical practice"

When making treatment decisions, it is important to include the patient’s complaints, wishes, and background in the decision. Therefore, physicians must know who their patients are and it is of great value that the patient participates in the choice of therapy (Shared Decision Making). In recent years, decision-making aids have been increasingly developed to involve patients more in their care. These tools provide information about the disease, and treatment options, and stimulate patients to think about an appropriate treatment for themselves. Based on orthopaedic physician behavior, a program was developed to increase the level of Shared Decision-Making in the care of hip and knee osteoarthritis. The program consisted of communication training for physicians and decision aids for patients. This dissertation describes the effect of this program and shows from different angles how the implementation proceeded within an orthopedic clinic.

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