29 Jun

PhD conferral Tuğçe Varol

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Robert A.C. Ruiter 

Co-supervisors: Dr. Gill A. Ten Hoor, Dr. Francine Schneider , Dr. Ilse Mesters  

Keywords: COVID-19, behavior change, university setting

"Just in Time: Applying behavioral science to create a safe university environment in times of the COVID-19 pandemic"

This PhD project, initiated in September 2020, aimed to support the Maastricht University Board in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. The project can be divided into three periods. From September to December 2020, studies were conducted with students to understand their adherence to COVID-19 guidelines and the factors influencing their compliance. The goal was to develop an intervention to support students in adhering to the university's guidelines. Between January and July 2021, a study focused on students' vaccination intentions, leading to the development of an intervention to support them in their vaccination decisions. From May to September 2021, a study explored the safety feelings of university employees regarding their return to campus in September, resulting in an intervention addressing their concerns and providing information for the upcoming academic year. Overall, the project aimed to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic within the university community.

Language: English

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