11 Dec

PhD conferral Shuhe Zhang

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Carroll A. B. Webers, Dr. Tos T. J. M. Berendschot

Co-supervisor: Dr. Remco Duits

Keywords: Retinal image; Image restoration; Image processing; Optics

"Single Retinal Image Restoration"

Retinal imaging, or the process of capturing images of the retina, is pivotal for the early detection of various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and hypertensive retinopathy. However, similar to other photographs, retinal images often face challenges like insufficient illumination, hazing effects, and motion blur. Restoring retinal images is a critical component of medical imaging and vision science, playing a significant role in enhancing the quality of images acquired by a fundus camera. This PhD research focuses on the development and investigation of retinal image restoration algorithms and software, encompassing tasks such as dehazing, illumination correction, and deblurring, with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of retinal images.

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