05 Dec

PhD conferral Sergey Primakov

Supervisor: Prof. dr. P. Lambin

Co-supervisor: Dr. H. Woodruf

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Radiology, Cancer

"Artificial intelligence in medical imaging: cancer segmentation and outcome prediction"

This PhD thesis explores the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging for enchanting and streamlining cancer management. It comprises a composition of comprehensive review articles as well as research studies using various medical imaging data. More specifically, the research in this thesis focuses on the development and optimization of advanced AI algorithms, capable of accurately detecting and segmenting cancerous regions within various medical image modalities. Additionally, it outlines the current challenges encountered when implementing AI models in clinical settings and explores future prospects in the field. Moreover, it proposes an open-source initiative aiming to enhance the quantitative performance of AI models and improve the robustness and reproducibility of quantitative medical imaging research.

The work in this thesis is a part of the ongoing efforts to improve cancer management routines and facilitate personalized treatment strategies using medical imaging and AI.

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