26 May

PhD conferral Samantha Baldi

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Koen Schruers

Co-supervisors: Dr. Liesbet Goossens, Dr. Teresa Schuhmann

Keywords: obsessive-compulsive disorder, neuroimaging, brain connectivity, neurostimulation

"On connecting dots- From Imaging to Stimulating the Obsessive-Compulsive Brain"

When at the airport, repeatedly checking to carry the necessary documents. When leaving the house, doubting that the light was switched off. When being on the tram, feeling that seats and handles are gross, dirty, not to be touched. These are just a few examples of common experiences that, in the present times, are relatively easy to label as “being a little OCD”. OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, has transformed into an adjective for everyday use, sometimes intended as a synonym of being precise, meticulous and thorough. However, OCD is amongst the most debilitating psychiatric conditions, the symptoms of which are difficult to understand and to effectively treat. The present thesis investigated psychological, neural and environmental aspects that have been linked to OCD pathology, with a special focus on studying the circuitries of the brain. Additionally, it addressed a few aspects related to the use of brain stimulation treatment, and evaluated a potential approach for a personalized intervention.

Language: English

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