19 Apr

PhD conferral Miriam Weijers

Supervisor: Prof. dr. F.J.M. Feron

Co-supervisor: Dr. C.H.G. Bastiaenen

Keywords: personalized health care, International Classification of Functioning, disability and health, patient access to records, implementation

"Personalized Preventive Child Health Care the “360°CHILD-profile” studies"

This thesis describes the results of the longitudinal Mixed Methods research project with the aim to develop and evaluate a new tool for visualizing and theoretically ordering personalized health information of a child’s health situation: the 360°CHILD-profile.

Promising results were found on validity, reliability and usability of the 360°CHILD-profile for relevant stakeholders (parents, youth, professionals and policy-makers). On the other hand, the project revealed substantial (mostly organizational) barriers within the preventive Child Health Care with regard to the implementation and evaluation process. Findings provided insight in how to get ready for implementation and how to evaluate performance of the promising 360°CHILD-profile. The quick overview on holistic health data, this tool provides, is likely to be time saving and enables a comprehensible transfer of health information to parents and youth. Most importantly, the 360°CHILD-profile specifically is designed to intuitively guide thought processes in line with a more personalized and participative child health care.

Language: Dutch

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