22 Nov

PhD conferral Lisanne Vranken

Supervisors: Prof. dr. J.P.W. Van den Bergh, Prof. Dr. P.P.M.M. Geusens

Co-supervisor: Dr. C.E. Wyers

Keywords: Fracture, Prevention, Osteoporosis, Fracture Liaison Service

"The Phenotype And Outcome Of Patients With A Recent Fracture At The Fracture Liaison Service"

Fractures constitute a major health problem. Risk factors for osteoporosis, falls and fractures are prevalent in patients aged 50 years and older at the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS). A systematic evaluation of comorbidities and medication associated with an increased fracture risk contributes to a profound evaluation of the subsequent fracture risk. Further, FLS care is associated with lower 3-year mortality and 1-year subsequent major/hip fractures in patients with a major/hip fracture, but not in patients with a non-major/non-hip fractures. Despite evaluation and treatment according to Dutch osteoporosis guidelines, subsequent fractures are common. Incident falls are a strong predictor for subsequent fractures and immediate attention for fall risk could be beneficial in an FLS model of care.

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