07 Dec

PhD conferral Lianne M. Loosveld

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Erik W. Driessen, Prof. dr. Eline Vanassche

Co-supervisor: Dr. Pascal W.M. van Gerven

Keywords: Mentoring, Personal Interpretative Framework, Faculty Development, MERIT

"Finding the merit of mentoring Mentors’ personal knowledge and beliefs about mentoring in health professions education"

This thesis explores how mentoring takes shape and how mentors look at their mentoring. It aims to provide an answer to the question: How do mentors experience the what, why, and how of their mentoring? In this context, ‘mentor’ refers to a faculty member who establishes a long-term relationship with a mentee, with a focus on the mentee’s personal and professional growth. The way mentors implement this relationship is unique to each individual, as they have their interpretative framework that forms the foundation of their mentoring approach.

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