02 Jun

PhD conferral Jamilla Wederfoort

Supervisor: Prof. dr. R.R.W.J van der Hulst

Co-supervisors: Dr. A. Piatkowski, Dr. J. E. Hommes

Keywords: Autologous fat transfer, breast reconstruction, plastic surgery, breast cancer

Efficacy of Autologous Fat Transfer as a new Breast Reconstruction Technique

This thesis investigated the efficacy and safety of a new autologous breast reconstruction technique: autologous fat transfer (AFT). A randomized controlled trial compared AFT to the current standard therapy with breast implants. Results showed AFT can be used on its own to create voluminous breasts and women who underwent AFT had a higher quality of life following breast reconstruction. Furthermore, AFT is safe, cost-effective and results in a higher sensibility of the breasts while not affecting the donor sites. Results of this thesis led to AFT for total breast reconstruction being added to the list of reimbursed treatments in the Netherlands.  This is encouraging news for breast cancer women seeking breast reconstruction after mastectomy because they can now choose a third option.

Language: Dutch

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