30 Nov

PhD conferral Hidde Pieter van Steenwijk

Supervisor: Prof. dr. A. Bast

Co-supervisors: Dr. A. de Boer, Dr. Khrystyna Semen

Keywords: Inflammation, Non-communicable diseases, Lifestyle prevention, Phytonutrients

"Novel insights into the health effects of fruits and vegetables: Challenging the status quo"

The research described in this thesis showed that inflammation-related effects of phytonutrients from vegetables can be studied within hours in healthy participants. The use of integrative outcomes measures, as well as non-invasive biomarkers, such as 11-dehydro-TXB2 and HRV monitoring, may offer improved ways of measuring and reporting the subtle and pleiotropic effects of nutrition on inflammation. Considering, validating, and adopting innovative integrative research approaches (e.g. composite scores, wearables, n-of-1 designs) would enhance our understanding of the hormetic principles of bioactive compounds and provide the much-needed evidence to develop research portfolios that will inform new product development and associated health claims.

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