15 Jun

PhD conferral Esther Boudewijns

Supervisors: Prof. dr. ir. C.P. van Schayck, Prof. dr. M.A. Joore

Co-supervisor: Dr. A.H.M. Gidding-Slok

Keywords: person-centered care, chronic conditions, self-management, shared decision making

"Optimising care for people with chronic conditions: - The Assessment of Burden of Chronic Conditions tool"

The number of people with one or multiple chronic conditions in the Netherlands is increasing. To ensure that care remains good, accessible, and affordable in the future, we have to encourage healthy lifestyles and support people in self-management. The Assessment of Burden of Chronic Conditions (ABCC)-tool might help. It aims to support a personalised approach to care by assessing and visualising burden of disease, integrating this into a conversation based on the principles of shared decision making and supporting healthcare providers and patients in shared goal setting and action planning. The results of this dissertation show that the ABCC-tool is a valid and reliable tool to measure burden of disease. Research showed significant effects of the ABCC-tool on perceived quality of care after 6, 12, and 18 months. A next step is implementation of the ABCC-tool in daily practice.

Language: Dutch

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