06 Dec

PhD conferral Doke J.M. Buurman

Supervisor: Prof. dr. P.A.W.H. Kessler

Co-supervisors: Dr. C.M. Speksnijder, Dr. F.J. Hoebers

Keywords: Implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation; mastication in HNC; de-escalation of tooth loss pre-RT

"The Impact of the Masticatory System on Functional Rehabilitation and Quality of Life in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer"

The patient population with head and neck cancer (HNC) as well as the care in the field of HNC is changing. As a result of prophylaxis efforts in dentistry over the last 50 years, a growing number of patients still have most of their own teeth when diagnosed with HNC. Patients who have recovered from HNC regularly cite teeth and dental health as a major concern when asked about the side effects of treatment. This thesis describes the improved masticatory function and patient satisfaction over a long period of time of implant-retained prostheses in both jaws. In particular, edentulous patients with maxillary defects who had been rehabilitated with obturator prostheses benefited from implant placement.

For the dentate patients this thesis describes the extent of unnecessary tooth loss prior to radiotherapy (RT) and the impact of tooth removal prior to RT on weight loss during chemoradiotherapy. It provides tools for initial de-escalation steps in patients with tumors in the head and neck region. This lead to better quality of life.

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