13 Jun

PhD conferral Alexander Koch

Supervisors: Dr. G.H. Koek, Prof. dr. F. Tacke (Charité Berlin, Germany)

Keywords: Biomarkers, intensive care, systemic inflammation, prognosis

"Identification of novel biomarkers in critically ill patients"

This thesis summarizes publications of prospective, non-interventional studies on the identification of novel biomarkers in critical care medicine. Biomarkers in the context of this thesis are laboratory values that are determined from the blood of patients who are treated on an intensive care unit. They are used in clinical routine for diagnosis, prognosticate and monitor treatment. For clinical applicability, biomarkers must have appropriate statistical test characteristics to enable distinction between different states of disease. Beyond that, biomarkers should be easy to obtain, rapidly measurable, and generalizable for instant interpretation in the clinical context and prompt decision making to favourably influence the course of the disease. The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the significance, regulation, diagnostic and prognostic value of novel biomarkers measured in the blood of critical ill patients.

Language: English

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