• 23 May

    Student Think Tank - Heerlen

    In the context of the Nachbar Nacht, a Student Think Tank will take place. The Think tank will focus on opportunities of young professionals living in the border region. The Think Tank will be organised by the Municipality of Heerlen and the Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Mobility (ITEM).

  • 24 May 15:00
    - 18:00

    ITEM / SVB informatiesessie: Grensoverschrijdend pensioen

    Information available in Dutch. Op 24 mei 2018 organiseert ITEM en de Sociale Verzekeringsbank een informatiesessie over grensoverschrijdende pensioenen.

  • 25 May 10:00
    PhD Defence

    PhD conferral Ms Hoai-Thu Nguyen, LL.M

    “An uneven balance? A legal analysis of power asymmetries between national parliaments in the EU”

  •   2829 May 09:00
    - 18:00

    Young Property Lawyers Forum

    The Young Property Lawyers Forum (YPLF) 2018 invites junior researchers in the field of property law to submit abstracts for its 9th meeting, to take place at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) on 28-29 May 2018. This year’s YPLF will take place shortly before the Association for Law, Property and Society Conference (ALPS) also taking place at University of Maastricht 31 May-2 June 2018. 


  •   2930 May 13:00

    The European Central Bank's accountability in a multilevel European order

    This workshop will offer renewed perspectives on the question of the ECB’s accountability, informed by the exceptional transformations that its mandate, functions and tasks have undergone over the last few years.

  •   312 May Jun 15:00
    - 16:00

    Association for Law, Property & Society 9th Annual Meeting

    The Association for Law, Property & Society (ALPS) is an organization for those engaged in scholarship on all aspects of property law and society.  Its annual meeting brings together scholars from different disciplines to discuss their work and to foster dialogue among those working in property law, policy, planning, social scientific field studies, modeling, and theory. Prior meetings have averaged approximately 150 participants from across the globe.  ALPS will hold its 9th meeting at Maastricht University, The Netherlands on May 31–June 2, 2018.

  • 8 Jun 11:00
    - 15:30

    Leren zorgvuldig revolveren

    Congres met om 16.30 uur de oratie van prof. mr. J.E. (Jacobine) van den Brink, hoogleraar Europees en nationaal bestuursrecht aan de Universiteit
    Maastricht, "Realistisch revolveren. Het revolverend fonds met een Europese touch".

  • 11 Jun
  •   1115 Jun
  • 12 Jun
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