20 Apr
11:00 - 12:00
Get ready to BURST YOUR BUBBLE!!!

Methagone; How can Digitalisation help achieve climate neutrality

Lecture by Roy Erzurumluoglu and Delara


The agriculture industry is facing mounting pressure to become more sustainable while maintaining profitability. Our company offers two innovative products that can help alleviate these concerns. Our first product is a probiotic feed additive that promotes weight gain in livestock while also reducing their methane emissions by up to 98%. Our probiotic works by mimicking red seaweed, a feed additive that has been used for years but is unfarmable, has scalability issues, and contains heavy metals harmful to cows.

How can Digitalisation help achieve climate neutrality

Sustainably.io is a Dutch spin-off social entrepreneurship start-up that specialises in air quality measurement devices and sensors Our solution are powered by IoT applications, 3D printing and cloud-based technologies. At our core, we combine sustainability, inclusivity and technology, aligning all these elements throughout the whole supply chain.

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