7 Dec 2018

Kick-off Sustainable Education & Research

The ambition of Maastricht University (UM) is to be an inclusive, innovative and sustainable university. Therefore, UM has launched the Sustainable UM 2030 programme focusing on education, research and operations. UM employees and students are cordially invited to the joint kick-off event of the project pillars Education and Research. Join us and think along on how to shape and realise the next steps in our shared vision development!

Location: Grote Gracht 90-92, Turnzaal
Time: 14.00-16.00, followed by drinks

After a plenary session, you can join one of the various discussion tables on the following topics:


1. Minor Sustainable Development
Knowledge for sustainable development is valuable for and across educational disciplines. What should be the aim and scope of an UM wide minor on sustainable development for bachelor students? How to ensure that all six faculties contribute to such a new program?

2. Competencies for Sustainable Development
Competencies and skills development are an essential part of learning at Maastricht University. What competencies are central for students to understand the complexities, uncertainties, trade-offs and risks related to sustainable development? How to integrate key competencies for sustainable development in programs?

3. Capacity building for Sustainable Development
What toolkit (e.g. information, advice, training) would be helpful to support staff in their daily work to contribute to sustainable development? Are there important differences in needs from staff involved in operations, research and education?


4. Built environment
How can UM’s research contribute to more energy-efficient, healthy, and empowering buildings? Besides new buildings that need to be fit for the future, UM faces a great retrofitting challenge of its beautiful historic buildings. How can transdisciplinary research efforts contribute?

5. Sustainable laboratories
UM now recognizes the significant environmental impact of their laboratories and is willing to reduce resource utilization, pollution, and improve interior environments. How do we create such sustainable laboratories? How do we integrate such an approach with sustainable research?

6. Good health and well-being
The sustainable development goal 3 (SDG3) is to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. How can research and education contribute to this goal? What are the potential future research areas linked to sustainable health and how can research and education cross-benefit?

7. Sustainability research at UM
UM conducts already quite some sustainable research. What motivates researchers to include and even center their research around sustainability themes? Should we increase sustainable research and to what extent?


8. Research-Education for Sustainable Development
At Maastricht University, several courses integrate research and education. How to integrate research in education for sustainable development? What are good examples of research-education on sustainable development issues at UM?

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday 7 December! Please click here to register (limited seats available).

Ron Cörvers, project owner Sustainable Education
Ceren Pekdemir, coordinator Sustainable Education
Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, project owner Sustainable Research
Rick Kramer, coordinator Sustainable Research

Arienne Schulz, Green Office coordinator Education
Mathias Weidinger, Green Office coordinator Research