3 Dec 10:00
- 12:00

Jean Monnet Specialized lecture by Yannis Skoulikaris on "Current efforts to shape AI IP policy with an emphasis on European law and practice"

The Jean Monnet module "IP in the Digital Single Market" gladly presents a specialized lecture by Yannis Skoulikaris, an expert in computer technology, having worked for the European Patent Office (EPO) for more than 30 years. On 3 December 2020, at 10:00, Mr. Skoulikaris will discuss the current efforts to shape AI IP policy in the European Union, the EPO and elsewhere. Please register here if you want to join.

Yannis Skoulikaris will present the state of the art of patent protection for AI development, including the patenting of AI inventions, in the European Union and at the European Patent Office. He will also briefly discuss other developments elsewhere.

Yannis Skoulikaris has worked for 30 years at the European Patent Office (EPO), first as patent examiner for computer technology, then for 17 years as Director Patent Granting Process in Information & Communications Technology. He has shaped the EPO practice in examining software and AI inventions as the co-chair of the committee drafting the Guidelines for computer-implemented inventions. He is currently managing director of PatentMind Netherlands, an IP consulting and training organization.