28 Jun

Inaugural lecture Prof.dr. Hylke Dijkstra

Appointed as Professor of "International Security and Cooperation" in the 
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

"Multilateralism amid Geopolitics: Rethinking International Cooperation in the 21st Century"

Geopolitics is back, with major powers increasingly approaching urgent international problems – such as climate change, global health, or artificial intelligence – through a zero-sum lens. Multilateral institutions appear gridlocked as global rivals block proceedings and fail to comply with established norms and rules. 

Reflecting on childhood memories of key events in international relations and his experience as an intern at the UN in New York, Professor Hylke Dijkstra reconsiders international cooperation in the 21st century. He makes a case for sticking with multilateralism – a unique form of cooperation marked by diffuse reciprocity, generalized principles and non-discrimination, and emphasis on expert-informed policy. 

Based on empirical research, he shows that multilateral institutions are surprisingly robust and thus well-equipped for an era of geopolitical tension. With much at stake, Europe should reinvest in multilateralism, even if this requires patience and compromise, increased funding, and dedicated leadership. 

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