04 Jul

Inaugural lecture Prof. dr. Kim Ragaert

Appointed Professor "Circular Plastics" in de Faculty of Science and Engineering 

"Plastics, people and power"

The great challenges we face in our attempts to create a sustainable space for plastics in the circular economy, cannot be solved by engineering sciences alone. Rather, in a systemic view, our technological solutions will thrive – or founder –due to other factors, such as politics, economics, and consumers. The future of Plastics is heavily determined by People and the Power they exercise.

These elements are also at play in the academic biotope. Through the inherent hierarchies of universities, the amount of everyday Power over People’s lives assigned to a professor is staggering, and the risks of slipping into abuse of that Power very real. In accepting her Circular Plastics chair, prof. Ragaert also reflects on how academic leadership should see us through those pitfalls rather than straight into them.

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