03 Feb

Inaugural lecture Dr. Katazyna Czabanowska

Appointed professor Public Health Leadership and Workforce Development

"Public Health Workforce Development - working differently means learning and leading differently"

In the inaugural lecture, Katarzyna (Kasia) Czabanowska will share her personal story on why the chair in Public Health Leadership and Workforce Development was established and what it comprises including research, education and development. More specifically, the lecture will focus on the meaning of public health leadership and importance of developing public health leaders driven by values of social justice, inclusion and equity, who are able to address effectively the challenges affecting health and well-being of societies and individuals. It will also discuss how and why the public health workforce needs to be developed, supported and recognized, and what has been done so far in this area. Further, dr. Czabanowska will discuss how most recent health challenges contribute to changing the way public health professionals work, lead and learn. She will conclude by looking into the future through the lens of public health leadership talents.

Click here for the live stream.

Language: English

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