20 Dec 2018

IGIR Lunch seminar by Krishnamani Jayaraman

IP centred governance (contractual and relational) modes along collaborative health innovation platforms - The Relevance in relation to the “Valley of Death” metaphor

On 20 December 2018 at 12.30 – 13.30h, Mr. Krishnamani Jayaraman will discuss the challenges for legitimising the European Horizon 2020 social innovation agenda in health research. Feel warmly invited to join the discussion in room B 1.019.

The principle research question of Krish's PhD research under the EIPIN Innovation Society project reads, "How should governance be optimised as a confluence of the formal “checks and balances” approach (contractual) and the more informal “give and take” approach (trust-based) to foster stakeholder synergy within social innovation systems for health? Elucidating adaptive reconceptualisations of the inherent technical character of the patent, Mr. Jayaraman hypothesises the productive interface of patent with social capital, trust and capabilities in health technology validations.

Using preliminary empirical evidence of such patent mediated interfaces, as reflected by actors along health technology validation platforms, Mr. Jayaraman seeks to highlight the importance of the patent as a critical decision-making element in collaborative governance structures, where by bridging interactions between traditional law and (stakeholder) behavioral aspects, the patent brings about 'technological fitness' along complex social innovation ecosystems.

Mr. Jayaraman will wind his presentation pleading the case for ' patent based flexible formalisations' in health research collaborations as means to bridge the "Valley of Death" 

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