20 Dec 12:30
- 13:30

IGIR Lunch seminar by Krishnamani Jayaraman

Lunch seminar “IP centred governance (contractual and relational) modes along collaborative health innovation platforms-The Relevance to “Valley of Death” metaphor”

On 20 Dec 2018 at 12.30 – 13.30h, Mr. Krishnamani Jayaraman will discuss the considerations of IP as a complex adaptive system along the Quintuple Helix Innovation systems for health. Feel warmly invited to join the discussion in room B 1.019.
Mr. Krishnamani Jayaraman will discuss how IP along with other intellectual capabilities is critical for both contractual and relational governance modes along health innovation platforms. In justifying this proposition, Mr. Jayaraman envisions projecting some empirical examples of how IP promotes knowledge based dynamic capabilities and stake holder social capital along networked health innovation platforms to bridge the innovation “Valley of Death”.