23 May 12:30
- 13:30

IGIR lunch seminar by Francesca Mazzi

The Patentability Of 4th Industrial Revolution Generated Inventions: A Case Study On Pharma

In the framework of the lunch seminar series of the Institute for Globalization and International Regulation (IGIR), Francesca Mazzi will present on May 23rd at 12:30-13:30 the findings of her Ph.D. research on patentability of 4th industrial revolution generated inventions, with a specific focus on the case study on process patent in the pharmaceutical industry. Feel warmly invited to join the discussion.

Nowadays industries are experiencing an increasing involvement of 4th industrial revolution technologies (AI, IoT, big data, smart sensors, etc.) in activities that can be defined as “inventive” as they lead to patentable outcomes. Therefore, 4th industrial revolution technologies already have, and will increasingly have, a determinant role in those activities that lead to inventions.

On the one hand, as a consequence there is a progressive change in the types and extent of human contributions to inventions. However, the patent system was conceived and designed around the concept of a human inventor behind inventions.

Although patent laws have proven to be adaptable to societal changes and technological advancement in the past, the revolutionary scope of automation, the rapidity of technological growth and the unpredictability of its result are likely to challenge practically and theoretically fundamentals of patent law.

In this context, Francesca is focusing her area of research on the potential effects on the patent system caused by the changes in inventive dynamics brought by 4th industrial revolution technologies. In particular, for the IGIR seminar, she will present the legal aspects of the patent system that are likely to be challenged, with a specific focus on inventorship, together with preliminary findings on the empirical evidence of such activities in the pharmaceutical sector resulted by a case study on a process patent.

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