01 Mar 29 Mar
19:30 - 21:30
Studium Generale | Lecture Series

The Evolution of Modern Physics

This series aims to unravel the latest developments in physics.  We will explore how fundamental theories in this field have helped us to better understand the physical world around us and how groundbreaking experiments have led to the development of the latest technologies. This series takes you on a journey through time, to see how our scientific ideas were first conceived, tested, challenged, reshaped, and in some cases reborn. You’ll gain an overview of many exciting fields in physics; from quantum mechanics to relativity, and from nuclear physics to cosmology.  Finally, we’ll discuss where the next generation of research and the future of physics might be heading.

The individual lectures
1. Newton vs Einstein and the Geometry of Space-Time (Koekoek / 1 Mar)
2. Quantum Mechanics (Westra / 8 Mar)
3. The Building Blocks of the Universe: an Overview of Nuclear and Particle Physics (De Vries / 15 Mar)
4. From Sandcastles to Smartphones: the Development of Microchips and Modern Electronic Devices (Carroll / 22 Mar)
5. Heads up! Our Journey to Understanding the Cosmos (Reverberi / 29 Mar)