1819 Oct 2021

EIPIN Doctoral Seminar 2021



The European Network of Intellectual Property Scholars (EIPIN) is organizing once per year a doctoral seminar, which is intended for early/mid/late-stage PhD Candidates as well as prospective PhD candidates who have just completed or are in the late phases of their LL.M. studies in the field of intellectual property and innovation. During the seminar, Candidates have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas about their research and to receive feedback and guidance from experienced scholars as well as their peers. We provide a safe environment for researchers to grow!

EIPIN signifies excellence in intellectual property research and education, based on the intense collaboration among academics who share a vision for the future of research and education in the field of intellectual property. The basis of this common understanding is rather simple: Cooperation, careful support and communication are essential components for the development and maintenance of a legal framework that best serves the citizens of Europe. We aim at maintaining this by developing the skills and expanding the horizons of doctoral researchers through discussion and feedback.

On 18 October and 19 October, approximately ten doctoral researchers in the field of intellectual property and innovation will present and discuss with scholars from Queen Mary University of London, Maastricht University, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Strasbourg University (CEIPI) and Alicante University their research. The discussion is not centred on the specific details of a particular dissertation. Rather, the focus of the feedback during the discussion is placed on proper research problem identification, research methodology, the structure of the dissertation, findings and research challenges. This doctoral seminar draws from the experience built up from many years of cooperation, and most recently during the EIPIN Innovation Society project.

For questions, please contact Dr. Anke Moerland.