12 Dec
14:00 - 17:00

CPD Workshop: Rethinking your assessment for an AI era

This CPD activity looks into how to integrate AI tools in teaching and learning while ensuring that students still play a key role in their learning process.

As AI tools such as ChatGPT gain prominence, we are all grappling with its role in the learning landscape.

This CPD activity addresses the need to strike a balance that allows for the integration of AI tools into the teaching and learning environment while ensuring that students still play a key role in their learning process rather than relying on these tools to do the thinking and assessment for them.

By looking back at technological developments of the past and their impact on the skills required in daily life, the workplace and the classroom, the session will provide some context to the current situation.

As a group, we will then spend the majority of the session reviewing your upcoming courses, brainstorming possible assessment adaptations and openly discussing challenges or concerns.  You can think of this activity as a course review clinic.

Through our joint efforts, we aspire to carve out a constructive path for creating assessment that fosters a meaningful learning experience for our students.

About the trainer
Donna Carroll is a former physics lecturer and assessment expert, having worked at various colleges and universities in the UK and the Netherlands. Donna is currently responsible for Professional Development for Teaching & Learning at EDLAB. In this capacity, she coordinates the CPD activities for UM teaching staff and delivers workshops on a range of topics. Donna loves learning new things in all avenues of her life to gain new perspectives and fresh ideas, and using her enthusiasm for learning to inspire others is her passion.

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