2327 Aug

Campus Venlo introduction days 2021

We would like to give you a warm welcome at UM Campus Venlo. During these days you will receive the necessary practical information in several information sessions, but of course it is not all about work. There will be ample opportunity to get to know the city and your fellow students during various informal activities.


The introduction days at UM Campus Venlo are planned on the following days:

Programme Date
BSc/BA University College Venlo 23/24/25 August
Pre-Master Health Food Innovation Management 23/24/25 August
MSc. Health Food Innovation Management 25/26/27 August
MSc. Global Supply Chain Management and Change 25/26/27 August

Obligatory pre-programme

There are a number of videos and texts you will have to watch/read before the start of the introduction days. The links to these videos will be shared in Canvas, the Learning Management System (LMS) that Maastricht University uses.

The videos and texts you are required to watch are:

  • Building tour
  • Get started with your introduction course
  • Board of Examiners (masters only)
  • Education Programme Committee (masters only)
  • Office of Student Affairs (masters only)
  • Introduction to the labs

A video instruction about Canvas will be shared with you a week before the introduction.