Darta Vasiljeva (D.)

Dārta Vasiļjeva is a PhD candidate at the Department of Work and Social Psychology. Throughout her PhD, she applies important insights, theories and research methods from Eating Behavior research to the field of Work and Organizational Psychology in order to extend our knowledge about the effects of various job demands and resources on employee eating behavior. Specifically, she is interested in the daily (within-person) effects on snacking at work and snacking during non-work hours at home. During the course of multiple projects, she investigates the shorter and longer-term effects of work characteristics on eating behavior as well as generalizability of these findings to employees with particularly problematic eating behaviors.


Before starting her PhD at Maastricht University (in March 2019), she completed her MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology at Maastricht University and her BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences (majoring in Social Sciences) at University College Tilburg (Tilburg University).