Daphné Charotte (D.)

Daphné Charotte is a PhD candidate in the Politics department at FASoS. She graduated with an MSc in European Studies (cum laude) from FASoS in July 2022.

Daphné is working on the project "A coalition of hawks and doves? Explaining military receptiveness to civil society calls for transparency around the use of force", funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung and FASoS. The project is led by Dr. Francesca Colli and Dr. Yf Reykers who both act as co-promotors; the promotor is Dr. Giselle Bosse.

Her research aims to understand the conditions under which military institutions and NGOs can cooperate, particularly in the area of civilian protection. To assess differences in military receptiveness to NGOs, she examines the cases of NATO, the United States, and France.