Christin Höne (C.)

Christin Höne is Assistant Professor in Literary Studies.


Her research spans modern and contemporary anglophone literature, with a particular focus on postcolonial literature, sound studies, word and music studies, and queer theory. Her current work focuses on the depictions of sound and sound technology in colonial literature and on the history of the radio in the context of imperial India.

Christin is the author of the book Music and Identity in Postcolonial British South-Asian Literature (Routledge, 2015). Forthcoming publications include the co-edited volume Asian Sound Cultures (Routledge) and a co-edited special journal issue on the role of the senses in late colonial India (South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies). Christin has also published essays on soundscapes in postcolonial literature, the Bengali polymath Jagadis Chandra Bose, Bengali science fiction, the colonial politics of science, and music in contemporary literature.


Her research interests include:

  • Postcolonial studies, with a focus on Indian literature and culture, particularly Indian classical music
  • Colonial and postcolonial literature, with a particular interest in the politics of aesthetics
  • Word and music studies, with a particular interest in the role of music in contemporary literature
  • Sound studies
  • The legacies of anti-LGBT legislation in former British colonies