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    How many times can the ECtHR turn its head

    29 April 2021
    Kurban in Law
    Thank God for Judge Egidijus Kūris . In ECtHR ruling Ahmet Hüsrev Altan v. Turkey of 13 April, he showed that decontextualized analysis is not inherent to supranational judicial review. Once again saucing up his dissent with Bob Dylan, he asked “how many times can [the ECtHR] turn [its] head and pretend that [it] just doesn’t see” the “pattern and tendency” in the treatment of civil society and independent journalism in Turkey. Kūris was referring to the majority’s failure to find ulterior motive in the prolonged pre-trial detention of a journalist –itself a “...
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    What you need to know about passwords - Scientific insights

    23 April 2021
    When we think of cybersecurity we are generally concerned with the code, algorithms and systems that are responsible for the functioning of out digital technologies and the safety of our sensitive data. What has become increasingly apparent is the role of humans in ensuring the security of our systems. A recent study by IBM found that human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches. This begs the question of why humans are responsible for such breaches and what makes them the key targets for attackers.
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    Seeing through the eye of god - Telegram bots and data protection in Russia

    15 April 2021
    Telegram is a powerful tool for end-to-end encrypted communication and one of the most popular messenger apps in Russia. However, one aspect often evades public attention: Telegram is swamped with bots which gather and disseminate personal data.
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    The importance of academic collaboration with China

    8 April 2021
    Recently there has been a strong wave of anti-China sentiments expressed in the media and within certain political circles, both in the United States and within the European Union. The Netherlands has been no exception to this.
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