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  • Playing cards

    Thou shalt not cheat!

    22 February 2018
    On in Law
    Every once in a while, I have the good fortune of reading a court case which is both fun and educational. The UK Supreme Court case Ivey (Appellant) v Genting Casinos (UK) Ltd t/a Crockfords (Respondent) is one such case, which tells an interesting story, while also explaining to the public the limits of cunning trickery in gambling.
  • Palestine-gaza

    The US imposing hardship on Palestinian refugees

    20 February 2018
    The US government is breaching its obligation to promote universal respect for human rights by cutting back on its contribution to UNRWA for aid to Palestinian refugees. Other states have extraterritorial human rights obligations to compensate for this reduction.
  • Lions mouth

    A thank you letter (or hate mail) for Fred Rodell

    19 February 2018
    Fred Rodell, the once revered Yale Law School professor and the “bad boy of American legal academia” wrote that “[t]here are two things wrong with almost all legal writing. One is its style. The other is its content.” His harrowing words acutely capture my conflicting relationship with (legal) writing, but more on point, it makes the path laid out before me (as someone in legal academia), a more difficult one to take.
  • Contract law

    Can an agreement that was void at any moment due to a violation of competition law be revived?

    15 February 2018
    When a court invalidates an agreement because the rules of contract law were violated, then that agreement is deemed to have never existed. It was never valid and never will be valid. Aside from a few exceptions, everything that has already been performed under the agreement must be undone.
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