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  • Blog Jennifer Sellin Health and Human Rights

    Drug price transparency: calls move from South Africa to WHA

    14 May 2019
    Over 30 states and 40 business and civil society groups debated strategies for affordable and sustainable medicines prices at last month’s second WHO Fair Pricing Forum—co-sponsored by the government of South Africa.
  • Ppp campagne profielpagina's blog

    Dean’s Blog episode 16: the personal profile pages festival weeks are there!

    13 May 2019
    Jan Smits in Law
    These weeks we celebrate the Personal Profile Pages Festival. We call upon everyone to revisit your PPP and update and polish it. Comparative lawyers know the joke well. When comparing the judiciaries of the great European legal traditions, the question is asked for which audiences judges actually write their decisions. In Germany, they do so for an academic audience that must be convinced by learned arguments. In England, judges write for laypeople or the parties themselves, who should be able to understand the reasons behind the decision by making it almost...
  • Marital Captivity blog Human Rights

    Marital captivity and Human Rights

    10 May 2019
    Marital captivity, which describes a situation in which one or both spouses are not able to terminate a religious marriage and thereby is forced to remain married against her or his will, is an issue that has been receiving national and international attention.
  • Blog Manfred Nowak Human Rights

    A system of universal values, applicable to all human beings

    8 May 2019
    Universality is the idea that universal facts exist and can be progressively discovered, whereas relativism denies the existence of universal facts. It follows that universality presupposes a system of universal values applicable to all human beings, which is denied by relativism.
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