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  • onderbetaling sociale advocaten

    Myth: All lawyers are just profiteers

    18 May 2018
    Flashy guys who work on the Zuidas, live in luxury penthouses and tear around in the latest Teslas and Jaguars – and all at the expense of ‘the ordinary man’ who they laughingly charge exorbitant hourly rates. This image of lawyers appears to be fairly persistent. But it has very little to do with reality, says Bas van Zelst, professor of Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.
  • Blockchain_ fraude met EU geld_MLR

    The Netherlands will join the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO)

    17 May 2018
    Sofie Wolf in Law
    It is a done deal, the Netherlands will join the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO). At 3 and 17 April, the Upper House debated with minister Grapperhaus of Security and Justice about a possible participation in the EPPO. Only available in Dutch.
  • Religious marriage and Religious Divorce

    Myth: a religious marriage is merely symbolic

    13 May 2018
    When a marriage no longer works, you break up. Divorce proceedings are started and if all goes well, both partners can go on to live their own lives. At least, that is how it works with a civil marriage. What kind of problems do women encounter in a religious divorce?
  • Plants and seeds - blog conference

    Plant variety rights and patent: which way to go?

    7 May 2018
    IGIR in Law
    Innovation is stimulated by a well designed regulatory framework as well as a balanced and effective Intellectual Property (IP) protection. IP protection gives the innovator an exclusive right on his innovation and allows a fair sustained return for his investment. In agricultural industry, plant variety rights system is one of the most important mechanisms.
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