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    What you need to know about passwords - Scientific insights

    23 April 2021
    When we think of cybersecurity we are generally concerned with the code, algorithms and systems that are responsible for the functioning of out digital technologies and the safety of our sensitive data. What has become increasingly apparent is the role of humans in ensuring the security of our systems. A recent study by IBM found that human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches. This begs the question of why humans are responsible for such breaches and what makes them the key targets for attackers.
  • law_blog_minors_and_social_media_influencers

    Minors and social media – how are the most vulnerable protected?

    29 March 2021
    Could you estimate how much time of your day you spend on social media? The answer would most likely be something along the lines of ‘a lot’ or ‘I’m always connected, so I get notifications all the time anyways’ but an actual estimate, that’s a very tough guess to take. However, for most people, it is indeed a very high amount of time. Given that we spend an incredible amount of time on various social media platforms, it cannot be denied that the content we are exposed to for so many hours in a given day has an incredible impact on us. While, for a lot of people...
  • law_social_media_influencers_blog

    Social media sanctions – the new procedural justice?

    19 March 2021
    One view on social media communication is that platforms should remove content deemed to be inappropriate or disturbing and suspend users who have repeatedly violated the Community Guidelines and should do so in a consistent and coherent manner. A contrasting view is that users can share what they want, and platforms should solely act as transmission agents without assessing and restricting the content. But where exactly do platforms stand on content moderation and what do their sanctions reveal about it?
  • law_influencer_law_blog_betterhelp

    How the BetterHelp scandal changed our perspective on influencer responsibility

    8 February 2021
    Influencer marketing and mental health. The global spend on Influencer marketing is expected to reach $15 Billions by 2022, and naturally, brands have grasped how influential social media could be in their marketing campaign. Influencer marketing has grown exponentially, leaving more traditional advertising methods such as print marketing, far behind. Partnerships between brands and influencers relate to very varied fields: beauty, nutrition, sports and more recently, mental health.