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  • Looking for a safe place to travel during the pandemic

    10 July 2020
    After an exhausting few months in the ‘COVID-19 era’—as we can call it now—after months of hard work and the stress of dealing with a pandemic, everybody is looking to take a break during the summer. But unlike in recent years when we could plan our summer vacation months in advance, this year it feels like a game of roulette.
  • The search for a vaccine: scientific and ethical considerations

    11 June 2020
    It feels sometimes as if the whole world of science is working exclusively on finding a cure for COVID-19. If you are looking at the search for an effective vaccine, it was recently published in The New York Times that more than 130 vaccine candidates are currently in the pipeline, which is still growing.
  • Coming back to the workplace in pandemic times

    29 May 2020
    In the current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across Europe are fortunately seeing a decrease in detected infections, hospital admissions and deaths. This is the effect of lockdown policies with different elements but with the common denominator of social distancing, travel restrictions and a work-from-home policy for most sectors. Also in the Netherlands, this has been the general policy of the ‘intelligent lockdown’.
  • How simple measures can have massive effects

    20 May 2020
    With every month, every week that passes, we’re seeing the publication of more and more medical data and studies on COVID-19. A friend of mine who is the editor of a very reputable international medical journal told me recently that they get more than 100 submissions per day that involve research on the new coronavirus. The massive overflow of these reports into the regular media can leave you dizzy. While there is apparent progress (we’ve seen the good news that a potential vaccine seems to have the desired effects), it is clear that an effective therapy for...
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