Only 29 years to go - The challenging path towards climate neutrality in 2050

18 January 2021

Dear reader, welcome to the New Year 2021: a year with hopefully many opportunities and a less bizarre reality. However, while coping with Covid-19, there is already a need to take a long-term perspective: how to reach the aim of a climate neutral European Union in the year 2050. That is only 29 years from now, and the path towards it has yet to be charted with more precision…

Marjan Peeters

Marjan Peeters holds the position of Professor of Environmental Policy and Law since April 2008. Marjan started in 1987 with studying environmental law. Since then, she has been focusing on understanding how a high level of environmental protection can be effectively and efficiently reached based on the rule of law and in the context of sustainable development. Core research attention goes to legal aspects of climate change, regulatory instruments for emission reduction, and the way how law deals with uncertain risks. Marjan has co-edited more than 6 books in the field of EU environmental and climate law, and she has supervised - and is still supervising - several PhD projects.

The latest books are Climate Change Law (2016), co-edited with Daniel A Farber, and the Research Handbook on EU environmental law (2020), co-edited with Mariolina Eliantonio.

All publications by Marjan can be found here  (note that this Maastricht University list provides a mix of Dutch and English publications, including Dutch case law notes).

Marjan leads the courses “European Environmental Law” (master) and “International Environmental Law” (bachelor, contract course) at Maastricht University. Since February 2012 Marjan is connected for one day a week to the International Centre for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development (ICIS) at Maastricht University where she provides a law course in the master Sustainability Science and Policy. Marjan is a member of METRO (Institute for Transnational Legal Research) and of the Maastricht Centre of European Law.