Hello Bus Fare…

by: in Maastricht Students

So recently the prices of bus fares have gone up by about a euro, what was 1,60 is now 2,50.  I know this does not affect Dutch students as they obviously have free transport for being students, but I think that concessions for students should cover everyone!

We have a similar problem in Sydney because only Australian students get a discount (no we do not get to travel for free!) however we are working on changing this.  It seems that Maastricht does not have the same sense of civic responsibility… even going as far as to actually put the prices UP!  Why isn’t this vocally upsetting anyone?  Do students not care at all?  I mean, I know that most of the students here are not Dutch so what is being done?

I guess I do not worry about this as much because I don’t tend to catch the bus as much, but forcing people into getting an OV card seems a little extreme.  Anyone else feeling the public transport love?

About the author

Shona studied in Maastricht University and was a contributor to the Maastricht Students blog from June 2011 to September 2011.