Databases and datawarehousing

MEMIC builds databases and data warehouses and manages these in a safe and certified environment (ISO27001).

Main principles research database MEMIC

  • Source data remains unchanged
  • From source to analysis, each step is recorded
  • Process is replicable
  • Option to return to the source data
  • Data storage in certified (ISO 27001) Oracle environment
  • Privacy sensitive data is stored in a separate database from the research data

We can store complex data structures in such a way that you can receive your data in a format of your choice. An SPSS file being a common choice for researchers.  

We store the original source data in our databases, any following steps will always be done on copies. This way it will always be possible to revert back to the original data. We also store metadata about the original data. This metadata contains information such as the types, descriptions and lengths of variables. 

From the source data we create new data on which we perform cleaning and data processing operations. On these operations we installed an audit, so that all of the steps can be reproduced. 

Our data can contain privacy sensitive data. In line with GCP regulations we store personally identifiable data seperately from the research data.