Codes of Conduct & Regulations

Maastricht University has established an Integrity Code of Conduct based on the codes of conduct applied by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) in the fields of education, research and management.

All the codes on which the UM Code of Conduct is based can be found via the following links.

In addition to the UM Code of Conduct and the regulations listed above, Maastricht University also follows the Netherlands Code of Good Governance and the Code of Conduct for Language.

Code of Good Governance

The Code of Good Governance (only available in Dutch) was drawn up and signed by all Dutch universities. The code provides a framework for transparency and accountability in university management. For more information, visit the VSNU-website  

More comprehensive information on compliance with the code 'Good Governance' at Maastricht University can be found via the following links:


Code of Conduct for Language

The Code of Conduct for Language contains an overview of the provisions that apply for the use of language at Maastricht University.